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Bitter Chocolate - Chapter 1 ........Almost Asleep

It had been a windy night and Aslan did not know why was he lying in his bed wrapped up in a fleece blanket, looking at the shadow formed on the ceiling of the room from the light outside, he looked at his watch and realized he had been in bed awake for over an hour. It was past midnight and he was two coffee mugs alert. Lying face-up for a long time he could feel a stiffening pain in his lower back and cheeks falling off his face. He held the wart on his posterior with right hand index finger and thumb trying to pull it out from the body. It gave him a shooting pain which stopped him from pulling it anymore. "It will be a Monday soon, time to go to work again"..he thought, if he doesn't get enough sleep he would be groggy and tired during work hours and.. waking up for work will feel meaningless since good seven hours sleep was essential for a full grown working professional who needs to work in office in front of the computer screen for nine hours a day ..and drive a few mo…

Bitter Chocolate - Chapter 7........ Aslan

Aslan got down and stepped towards the shop were Jules was already standing and talking to the shopkeeper.“Jules please pick up two bottles and pass me one,” he requested the driver. Jules walked up to him and gave him a bottle. Aslan sat down on a vacant chair and sipped on some water, looking around, while Jules was busy talking to someone it seemed he knew.
‘Bogrenyoa Service', the shop board read. Aslan had his green glasses on and was sipping on his water when he heard noises, thuds, screams, men shouting and screams again. Aslan looked around but could not see anyone screaming, then he noticed Jules, and the person he was talking to, and a few more men who were all looking in the same direction behind ‘Bogrenyoa Service’. There was a loud scream again. This time Aslan was sure it was a child screaming. He got up to go to Jules. Jules was already rushing to the back of the shop. Aslan quickly followed him. When he reached the back of the shop he saw Jules talking to a man in Fr…

Bitter Chocolate - Chapter 2 ........ Extra Work

Aslan! What did you do? Boss has been asking for you ever since he came in. “I don’t know what I am doing Rishi and don’t know what have I done", he gave his colleague a faint disparaging smile keeping his backpack on the table, wiping his face with a tissue pulled out from the tissue-box at his daily-desk. 
On his way to work in the metro he had seen this gentleman again. He saw him almost every other day in the metro on his way to work, and Aslan could not help but notice him for his kind manners and most forthcoming smile, he always found him talking to the co-passengers, or offering them his seat, or at times people seated offering to hold his bag when he did not get a seat. The man was always interacting enthusiastically and smiling honestly..., seeing such human interaction fascinated Aslan. One time Aslan had noticed him open his briefcase with such heedfulness while sitting with everything was so tidily kept, he was certain that the person loved his job. “How would it feel …