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Why Pink Bud

                                                    It was a ferocious beast, living alone in the dark jungle. The sun did not have permission to shine everywhere. Day looked like a grim lonely night and nights were very dark and eery. The beast liked it in the jungle, it was his home, he liked staying alone and preying on small animals for food. The ferocious beast never missed a prey and hunted it down in the first go. Little timid animals knew that once the beast had laid its eyes on them, there was no way they would escape alive, they accepted their destiny as meat for the ferocious beast. On one cool dark morning the beast lay on his stomach with his paws stretched out, a beam of sunlight was falling at a bush with orange leaves and pink buds, the bush was glowing in the beam of sunlight when a little humming bird came humming close to the pink bud, the beast was watching from a distance too lazy after a big meal the night before. The little humming bird with its sharp beak

White Air

It was almost eleven O clock at night, the window was open and Shazaan could notice a beam of white light gently making its way onto his bed, over his bed sheet under which he was tucked comfortably, but he was not sleepy at all. He had played a football match the same evening and could feel the pain in his left leg from the exertion. As he lay on his back in his bed wide awake with both his hands under his head, he felt that the moonlight, white and bright was speaking to him telling him that this was the same night and the same moonlight a hundred years ago when an army of hundred huge brown bearded men with big daggers entered the town of Maonjiko in silence when people were spell cast in sleep, they scattered all over the town and one by one cut all black colored fat and heavy ropes hanging at the door knob of each house, these were' Kajiko ropes, anyone touching these ropes would gain an ounce of anger that would stick to the person's mind in form of black sticky tar unt