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Ava Kanungo and her pet mice

                                                                                             The spaceship looked crowded in-spite of being empty and silent, there were thousands of colorful lit buttons and switches and several types of  digital gauges all around Ava's seat. The entire silent cold cockpit reeked of camphor. Ava sat in awe trying to absorb everything she saw as the spaceship took off with a thunderous roar. She got anxious and excited for the times that were to arrive. The journey was long and she spent most time sitting and observing the cockpit in detail, feeding her pet mice and sleeping. Almost eighteen hours had passed by her earthly watch when the robotic voice announced arrival at Gliese 581c. Ava felt a strange relief when she was able to figure out that her spaceship was making a slow landing at the exoplanet. The space ship landed with a sudden jerk and in few minutes Ava was standing at the stairway of the space craft with her backpack and h

Billet Burwa

Surti Patti woke up to a radiant sun and twinkling stars in the silent flowing waters of Kosi. The river seemed like a big piece of silver lenin with fishermen boats like cloves interspersed on it. Billet Burwa had a wooden canoe to fish in the river. He would spend his early morning hours fishing and then rest of the day went selling his catch of Garra Gotyla and Rohita, which he was known for all over the town. He was the scrawniest creature ever seen in the town peddling a bicycle without any help. Stories had it that he was the oldest man alive in the town and always been old. No grandfather in Surti Patti could say it with conviction that he had seen Billet Burwa with black hair or knew how old he was. His love story was a folklore, it was known that during British Raj Billet Burwa fell in love with an English woman but could never tell her and when British officers were leaving the town after independence, he followed memsaab's car all the way to Patna to see her off. W