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Bitter Chocolate - Chapter 5...........Whiskey

                                                                                                    “Bhai ! thoda jaldi chalao”, Aslan said asking the driver to speed up. He knew he wouldn’t miss the flight to Abidjan but he was anxious to be at Netaji Subhash Chandra airport soon, and traveling in a cab to catch a flight always made him anxious. It did not matter how early he left for the airport, it always worried him sick thinking that he will be late for check-in. He got down from the taxi and ventured inside, his anxiety to be at the check-in counter pleased him this time; there were just two women in front of him…the three of them making the queue for luggage check-in for a long thirty-one hour journey to Ivory Coast.  All he could think of now was a nice cup of coffee and a granola cookie at the food court.  It was half past eight; boarding had started when Aslan picked up his hand bag and started walking towards gate number thirty-two finishing his coffee with a l

Bitter Chocolate - Chapter 4........Nose Rubbed

                                                                                                     “Hey! good morning Aslan,” Nadira called out, Aslan looked over his shoulder and returned the good morning wish with a big smile  almost squatting to take out biscuits from the office snack cabinet, he had always liked having a sugar sprinkled biscuit with his black coffee, like a morning ritual. He opened the biscuit jar, pulled one out and walked back to his desk to pick up his  cup of coffee.“You are in early today,” he said smiling again at Nadira. She was settled on her chair with her hand inside her  bag, searching for something. He found her looking prettier than usual, and kept looking at her waiting for her to reply, knowing  she was fixated on getting something out from her bag and wouldn't reply until she is able to pull it  out.“I will leave early today. Don't want to leave before completing a few things,” she replied while pulling out the USB phone charger 

Bitter Chocolate - Chapter 3.......Case of Itchy Finger

                                                                                                “The management has given a go-ahead after considering the report that was sent out from our office,” Nadira spoke  out to Aslan walking in his direction while he sat with a cup of his morning coffee. Nadira  had been with PIDCO-Works for over ten years, she was short accommodating colleague with the most honest smile, and well informed  about happenings within the company.  “You had a role to play in this Mister,” she said with a mocking smile as she rested her elbows on Aslan’s cubical wall with her chin  in-between her hands.“Your recommendations on the soil mechanics study have been considered and you are on your way towards becoming  important to the company Mister Khayyam!, I know this will totally work against your… 'stay and look disengaged' scheme of things," she chuckled  without moving her chin from her hands. “Damn! my years of hard work has gone futile, the