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White Air

It was almost eleven O clock at night, the window was open and Shazaan could notice a beam of white light gently making its way onto his bed, over his bed sheet under which he was tucked comfortably, but he was not sleepy at all. He had played a football match the same evening and could feel the pain in his left leg from the exertion. As he lay on his back in his bed wide awake with both his hands under his head, he felt that the moonlight, white and bright was speaking to him telling him that this was the same night and the same moonlight a hundred years ago when an army of hundred huge brown bearded men with big daggers entered the town of Maonjiko in silence when people were spell cast in sleep, they scattered all over the town and one by one cut all black colored fat and heavy ropes hanging at the door knob of each house, these were' Kajiko ropes, anyone touching these ropes would gain an ounce of anger that would stick to the person's mind in form of black sticky tar until it was used by the person in form of rage. They kept cutting until there were no Kajiko ropes left in the town. The white light army of hundred brown bearded soldiers had cut and collected all the ropes and were one by one walking back into the white light aura that was burning white silently, to disappear. The last white light soldier before stepping into the aura took out a big brown bag and blew air into it with full might and left it floating into the darkness of nothingness, the brown bag kept floating into the air until it found its way into Shazaan's open room window. He kept looking at the floating brown bag with amazement before grabbed it with both hands, suddenly he felt his feet being dragged of the bed and in a matter of seconds he was floating in the holding on to the brown bag in his room. He was so happy and wanted to shout and tell the this magical experience to everyone, including Kishoo his not so friendly bully classmate, he wanted to fly out of his room and go floating in the air and go and knock at all his friends windows so that they could see him floating rubbing their eyes in astonishment and then be jealous of him, "I shall sell this floating bag to the uncle with the big car who would give me lot of money for it. I shall have pancakes and ice-cream shake everyday, he was excited with so many other thoughts and possibilities and started gaining weight with so many thoughts going into his head, and brown bag kept coming closer to the floor until Shazaan's feet touched the floor and bag could'nt stay afloat with the weight of his thoughts. The bag had lost all its white air and never floated again.


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