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iPhone X and a little more

The door closed with a deep bound sound of new rubber being sandwiched between two metal frames. The cab smelled of lavender with clean seats and fresh carpets. Amana had boarded the cab from the City Center mall after a very satisfying Sunday shopping experience and it was almost tea time, she wanted to be home. " You have kept your car very clean Mazakia Ji", she said to the driver looking at the prismatic rear-view mirror of the car. " Yes Madam ji, having a car that is not clean from inside is like having motichoor laddoos with salt sprinkled on them, I am very particular about cleanliness of my car", he replied looking back at Amana through the same mirror. " I understand what you mean, its almost brand new clean, looks like you just got it out of the showroom today", Amana said looking out of the window . " Yes madam ji, got the delivery last night, you are my lucky seventh customer" Mazakia replied in a hurried pace with a smile. Both looked at each other in the rear-view mirror without exchanging anymore words, there was awkward silence. Amana sighed and looked out the window again, they had crossed Chattarpur and her destination was another fifteen minutes away. She was hungry and almost asked the driver to stop to pick a cheese patty to snack on when she recalled that she had chocolate bar in her hand bag. She took it out, unwrapped it with patience, and started munching on it. After finishing the chocolate she was left with wrapper in her hand, Amana casually put the wrapper in the net pocket of the car seat in front of her still chewing on her last bite and leaned back on her seat, then suddenly took out the wrapper from the net pocket of the seat and put it in the side pocket of her hand bag. Mazakia, the driver was watching her exercising her conscience. "Madam Ji, you can throw it outside", he said. Amana looked at his eyes again in the rear-view mirror and said, "are you ok with me keeping the wrapper in your car seat pocket?". There was no reply from the driver. "If I throw this out on the road, you will be fine with it, somebody watching me do it would be fine with it, I would be fine with it and for all you know it could become an accepted practice to litter out of the moving car and then there would be filth everywhere on the roads" she added. " Madam Ji, its just one small wrapper and and we all are aware that we shouldn't litter, and no one does now", the driver replied. 
"Yes you are right no one litters on the road now, but I need to watch my actions and be aware, every action of mine that I cannot will to become a universal law is wrong", Amana said with conviction. " Hain Jee...Hmmm", Mazakia replied trying to absorb what Amana said when his phone signaled for another pick up from near by. He dropped Amana and drove towards his next pick up location.  

The cab stopped outside 1/24 Tropical Drive, Arjan Garh. 

"Yes exactly! what is the point of leading a life like this, if you don't love her then there is nothing wrong in you being with Neeva, because you both love each-other, your wife will never understand how you feel", Vidushi boarded the cab amid a serious conversation with her friend. She sat in the cab, shared the OTP with Mazakia and continued being on the phone for next few minutes when she realized that she had her foot on something, moved her right foot bent forward, it was a new iphone box with plastic skin on it, she disconnected the call with a quick bye. Vidushi picked it up kept it on her lap " Mazakia where was your last drop"?, she asked. "Sultanpur Madam", he replied. " I think your last customer dropped this", she passed on the iphone box to Mazakia, "give me the phone number I will call and let the person know", she said.

Mazakia looked at the box and kept it on the front passenger seat "I will call madam ji and return it to her on my way back", he said trying to concentrate on the road. " Its ok Mazakia ji, I can call her and ask to pick it up from my place", she replied. " I am calling it a day after I drop you madam ji and will be returning home, I shall return the phone on my way back", Mazakia insisted. Vidushi was not comfortable with idea somehow but gave in, "Ok but please do return it to the owner", she reiterated. 
"Madam ji I ever lost my new phone I would want the person who finds it to return it to me. Can I keep a lost phone to myself knowing who the owner is?..if I do I should be ok with my phone not being returned, and thus this action of mine can never qualify as a universal law", Mazakia said in confident voice.

"Did you just throw 'Categorical Imperative' at me bhaiya ji", Vidushi said with amazement.... "Hain Jee...umm", replied Mazakia not knowing what to say. Vidushi was in silence, picked up her phone from the seat and called Yajur back. " Yajur listen.. I am your friend I want you to be happy, I will support you in your decision to opt out of your marriage if you are not happy but if choose to have an extramarital affair then you should be ok with Ahana your wife also indulging in one and not tell you, will you be ok with it", she was silent for a few second expecting a reply. " To know whether our action is right or not we need listen to our rational voice and see if our action can become a universal law, find a better way to deal with this Yajur, I shall call you later tonight", she hung up with a smile on her face.

 Mazakia droppped Vidushi and drove away

It was half past nine pm and Vidushi was waiting for her aunt to show up, when her door bell rang, she went and opened the door,"What is this Amana Masi, can you be ever be on least on my birthday!" she said with agitation. Amana hugged her "Happy Birthday sweetheart !" she replied with a beam of joy on her face. She opened her bag and handed a iphone box to Vidhushi," Here is your birthday present, you wont believe what happened today" Amana said with eyes wide opened. 

" I think I know Masi", Vidhushi said with a big smile.   


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