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Mazulia Tales - Red Cherries and Friends (For Maazu and likes)

Little green Olive finished school and walked lively to the park with orange leaves spread all over, where Moofsy Mongoose came with Bicky Bird for a walk with his friends after school every day.

Little green Olive entered the park and looked around for his best friend Wheezy the bat.Wheezy was hanging upside down on a tree near the swings where Olive and Wheezy always played; Wheezy was waiting for Olive to come.

“Wheezy!” shouted little Olive from a distance, waving at his friend. Wheezy came down from the tree and said, “Hello Jolly Olly!! I have been waiting for you.Come let us go to Moofsy Mongoose quickly. He is sharing red cherries with all our friends in the park.” 

Olive loved red cherries and was very happy to hear the news.
Little Olive and Wheezy the bat hopped their way to Moofsy Mongoose.

“There you are… Wheezy, Jolly Olly! I have been waiting for the two of you.” Moofsy welcomed them with a big smile on his face.
“See! I got a bag full of red cherries from Amonia for keeping my room clean, and I want to share my favorite cherries with all my friends. Come, we shall sit by the pond and eat these together”, said Moofsy Mongoose pointing towards the wall by the pond.

Moofsy Mongoose, Wheezy and green Olive walked to the pond and all three of them sat on the wall to eat fresh juicy red cherries.

Moofsy Mongoose took out the bag of cherries from his big tiffin box and gave it to Olive, “here Olly, please have some cherries and tell me how much you like them." 

Olive quickly reached for the bag, held it by his thumb and forefinger, and as he was trying to bring the bag of cherries to himself, it slipped of his hand and fell into the pond.

The bag and all the cherries in it were now floating in the water... slowly drifting away. Olly, Wheezy and Moofsy Mongoose looked on with their mouths open in disappointment, the red cherries floated away.

The three friends were sad. They looked at each other and sighed. 

All the cherries were gone.

“Let us go home now,” said Moofsy Mongoose with a grumpy face.

“Yes lets go home now, ” replied Wheezy and Olive.

Moofsy picked up his tiffin box; he heard a sound. He shook the box again.

The box again made a rolling sound. He quickly opened the box. 

Moofsy was surprised!There were two red cherries in the box which had fallen out of the bag into the tiffin box and were making sounds as they rolled freely.

Wheezy! Olly! Look! We still have two berries in the box, Wheezy and olive’s eyes lit up with excitement.

“But how will we share; there are only two cherries and three of us,” asked Wheezy.

Moofsy Mongoose held one cherry in each hand “Olly here.. you have one, Wheezy you have the other one. I want my friends to have these cherries” he said with a smile and gave the two cherries to Olive and Wheezy to eat.

“Thank you Moofsy, thank you for sharing the last two cherries with us,” said Wheezy. 

It was almost evening and birds were returning home.

All three friends got off the wall said good bye to each other and left for their homes.


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